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The success of the WinInStocks strategy for picking long-term investments allowed many of my subscribers to significantly grow their equity. Some of the subscribers made tens of thousands of dollars over the past year with WinInStocks*.

Over the past year alone WinInStocks Portfolio grew over 200%

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Due to the success of WinInStocks, we are moving to a paid subscription via StockTwits Premium Room:

StockTwits Premium Rooms allow for higher frequency communication and updates. It also allows for direct communication with subscribers and creates a community of investors that discuss investments. In addition, StockTwits is planning for multiple improvements in the next few months which make Premium Rooms a very welcoming and easy-to-use place.


All future stock picks and analysis will be posted on

You may still access all past analysis articles, educational materials, and past portfolio performance. I will continue posting educational materials and summaries of past performances on this blog.

The subscription is $29 per month after a 7-day free trial

You can unsubscribe with one click of a button anytime during the free trial or at any time after you started paid subscription. Click here to see how to unsubscribe. is an investment blog and StockTwits room where I perform stock analysis to find the best stocks to invest in for the long term. Through analysis of value, growth, financial situation of companies, and their stocks I build lists of stocks to watch and then pick the best stocks to invest in.  

The stock picks I share follow a strategy based on fundamental analysis that I have been developing over the past 8 years. Through many tests and checks, I developed a winning strategy that started to show great results in 2020.

The performance of the strategy provided for the following results for 2020 alone*:


You can view the detailed performance of my portfolio at the link below. Click on the blog link above to see an analysis of my picks.

Stock analysis to pick the best stocks to invest in. 

The goal of this blog is to walk you through my analysis and thinking behind my stock picks. I come from the research background and perform a multi-stock analysis to find the best stocks to buy. 

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Finding stocks to invest in for the long term. 

As I prefer fundamental analysis over technical analysis and due to lack of skill to day-trade stocks I search for the best stocks to invest in for the long term. By long term I mean one year or more. However, usually I don't hold stocks for more than 2 years.  

Final notes: 

* - past portfolio performance was achieved using a margin of 70%. I do not recommend using margin on investments except in very rare circumstances (e.g. after a deep stock market correction)

  • This website is not intended to pump stocks. I don’t have any agreements with the companies I analyze and don’t get any incentives. Depending on the analysis I may buy the analyzed stock. Otherwise, this website is a virtual portfolio and a watchlist for my own tracking purposes, education, and entertainment. Please read carefully TERMS AND CONDITIONS at a link at the bottom of the page.

  • Disclaimer: Please note I am not by any means suggesting or advising to buy or sell any stocks that I analyze. Do your own due diligence. The decisions are all yours.