End of 2020 Investment Summary: +203% equity growth

Happy New Year fellow investors! We survived it. It was a weird year with COVID lock-downs, a turbulent market with periods of extreme pessimism and optimism. But this is why it is good to be an investor: when everybody else has nothing else to do but complain about COVID and lock-downs, we investors are busy making money. In the end, extreme market volatility offers extreme returns.

I hope you were able to benefit from the market volatility and had a great year. I also wish you more profitable deals in 2021.

The 2020 year was exceptional for me as I grew my equity by 203% using my new strategy. Of this gain, 164% is already locked in closed positions. The rest is in unrealized profit for the stocks that I am holding into 2021.

Below is the list of the stocks that I bought and sold at a profit over the course of 2020. There were 19 stocks in 20 positions (I invested into MOGO twice, meaning I fully closed the position and then invested again). However, positions when I invested and then doubled down I counted as one position.

* - positions with doubling down.

Of all closed positions, only 1 was in red, meaning 95% of closed positions were profitable. The average profit for positions was 60.6%. Obviously, as you can see from the wordle above some positions were much more profitable than others.

While the average return for any given position was just 60.6% the fact that I was able to reinvest the profits helped me get to over 200% equity growth this year.

Below is the list of the positions that are rolling into 2021. Highlighted in yellow are the double-down positions for previously owned stocks. Looking good so far, the only worry is APT as its main line of business is thriving of COVID personal protection. While the company was printing money this year and is currently trading at a PE of 7 times is working against this company as the world (hopefully) will deal with COVID in 2021. I still think it will benefit through all of 2021 as masks are here to stay for at least 2021. Otherwise, I have a stop-loss at $10 on it.

As usually, you can see the portfolio live here:


2020 trades and performance are now moved to a separate page to keep it clean:


I am looking forward to a great 2021. And I wish you profitable deals in 2021 too. Good luck!


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