Subscriber Alert: sold ZYXI, sold INS

Sold ZYXI at 12.5% profit and INS at 22% profit.

Both stocks did not move much in the past couple months and my price targets were not that far from the current prices. So, I decided to move into cash. Looking for new opportunities and watching the market


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Sold HZO (+32% profit); Added BDT.CA

Sold HZO, my target was $60 but decided it does not make sense to push it, especially I can use the money for other investments. As mentioned yesterday, bought more BDT (Bird Construction)

Great Q4 results for BDT.CA (adding more tomorrow)

$BDT.CA, a stock I am owning since December 4, 2020, just released super-strong Q4 results. Actually, as expected as per my analysis here: